The Dosha Theory

Ayurveda regarded by many as the oldest of healing sciences is a holistic approach to healthier living and longer life. Ayurveda beliefs centre on each person’s distinct pattern of energy – a blend of physical, mental and emotional characteristics. It is also believed that every person is made of five basic elements found in the universe: space, air, fire, water, and earth. These combine in the human body to form three life forces or energies, called “Dosha”.

Everyone inherits a unique mix of two or more of the three basic Dosha energy types, namely Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. It is through the balance of these Doshas that the mental and physical health of each individual is determined.

Vatha Dosha - Earth & Air
Those with dominant ‘Vatha’ characteristics tend to be more on the fragile side and lean. Their constituency leads them towards dry scalps and hair with rough, wrinkled and sometimes-cracked skin.

Pitta Dosha - Fire & Water
Those with dominant ‘Pitha’ characteristics tend to be strong and are usually medium body types. They have weak and thinning hair, light skin that freckles and gets sunburnt easily.

Kapha Dosha – Water & Earth
Those with dominant ‘Kapha’ characteristics tend to be more on the larger boned side. They generally have soft and thick hair, skin consistency that is more oily, smooth and moist.

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Dosha Test

i. Changeable, enjoy snacking, satisfied by small amounts of food, may forget to eat
ii. Strong appetite, gets angry when hungry , can eat large portions
iii. Can sustain energy without much food, can succumb to obligatory eating, eats less when alone than in groups
i. Fast walker, light steps, unplanned route
ii. Medium pace & precise steps, planned route, marches
iii. Slow, steady, determined, heavy steps
i. 5 to 6 hours
ii. 6 to 8 hours
iii. 8 or more hours
i. Learn fast, quick to forget, jumbled, remembers by repeating out loud
ii. Good, photographic memory, memory for physical details
iii. Good long-term memory, sweet nostalgic memories are the clearest
i. Craves the sun & warmth. Dislikes cold, dry & windy weather. Feels relaxed in the heat.
ii. Prefers cool well-ventilated places. Likes fresh & breezy. Dislikes very hot weather. Skin burns easily & gets aggravated by hot sun.
iii. Can tolerate many different climates but thrives in dry & warm. Dislikes humidity.
i. Generally the same weight, I find it hard to gain extra pounds
ii. I don't gain or lose weight often & can eat a lot
iii. I gain weight quite fast, very slow to lose weight
i. Light, lean, bony, skinny, quite short or quite tall
ii. Medium build, medium height
iii. Broad, big-boned, heavy set, thick
i. Either very thin or very coarse, dry, flyaway
ii. Thin / medium, fine, soft, blonde / light browns, red hints, early greying
iii. Thick, glossy, no fall, wavy and darker tones
i. Scanty, fine
ii. Light colour, blonde or copper
iii. Long & thick
i. Dry, frequent blinking, dark patches
ii. Light sensitive, good vision, clear or with redness
iii. Big, white, shiny, teary when laughing, morning eye residue
i. Darker, dry, cracked, uneven, one bigger
ii. Soft, pinkish, even but thin, narrow
iii. Full, thick, moist
i. Dry, coarse, marks, sensitive to cold, dark patches, prominent veins
ii. Thin, slightly oily, soft, pink or golden, freckles, sweaty, rashes
iii. Thick, strong, shiny, clear, light, oily, smooth, hidden veins
i. Cold, cold extremities
ii. High, feels warm, hot flashes, sweats
iii. Steady body temp
i. High arch, cracked heel
ii. Medium arch, soft heels
iii. Flat foot
i. Changeable, unpredictable, energy comes in spurts & then need to rest
ii. Medium to high energy; I like to push myself
iii. Good & long-lasting, great endurance, downtime is laziness more than lack of energy
i. Loud noise
ii. Bright light
iii. Strong smell
I agree that the questionnaire, analysis & results are purely for my information purposes only & will not be used as a substitute for the care & knowledge that a Physician/Doctor or qualified health care provider can offer.