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Cardamom Rose - Body Lotion

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A light moisturizer with a revitalizing blend of herbs & essential oils. Virgin Coconut, Wheatgerm & Sweet Almond improve overall health & help soothe & calm skin after sun exposure. Rice bran, Olive & Honey soften & protect skin against dryness, while improving visible youthfulness. Himalayan Rose soothes, calms & helps take away daily stress, relaxing the senses. Luxuriously fragrant Organic Ceylon Cardamom warms, uplifts & clarifies the mind & body. The synergistic blend promotes joyous natural well-being
1. Ingredients

Soya Bean, Coconut, Almond, Wheatgerm, Honey, Ceylon Cardamom, Rose.

2. How to use

Apply all over hands & body. Massage & leave on.

3. Weight
Weight: 250 g
4. Key USP

* Paraben free
* Paraffin free
* Not tested on Animals
* 100% Vegetarian
* Promotes sustainable harvesting
* Supports community fair trade

5. Dosha Type

Tridosha - Suitable for all dosha & skin types

Cardamom Rose - Body Lotion