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Neem & Tea Tree -  Refining Natural Exfoliator

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A deep-acting scrub enriched with mineral-rich natural clays & balancing Tea Tree to help clear clogged pores, effectively removing dead cells, blackheads, whiteheads & acne causing impurities. Naturally, soothing Arnica, Ceylon Margosa & Peppermint combine to help calm acne & minimise imperfections. Watercress & Licorise promote skin clarity, improving overall radiance & adding & instant natural glow. Aloe Vera & balancing Witch Hazel help mattify skin, significantly reducing the appearance of pores. Leaves skin smoothe & refined.
1. Ingredients

Margosa-Neem, Tea Tree, Walnut, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Olive, Castor, Bees Honey, Arnica, Licorice, Watercress, Peppermint.

2. How to use

Deep cleanse skin, apply lightly all over the face & neck, avoiding eye contours. Leave for 3 minutes. Wet skin with White Mint Facial Skin Tonic, massage in circular motions for 2 minutes & wash off.

Use two to three times a week for normal and combination skin, and once a week for sensitive skin (As a refresher, combination skin is oily through the T-zone with dry cheeks, normal skin has the same amount of oil throughout, and sensitive skin gets red and irritated easily.)

3. Weight
Weight: 200 g
4. Key USP

* Paraben Free
* Alcohol Free
* Paraffin Free
* Not tested on animals
* Sustainable Harvesting
* 100% Vegetarian
* Supports Community Fair Trade

5. Dosha Type

Kapha - Best for oily & problem skin types

Neem & Tea Tree -  Refining Natural Exfoliator