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PEPPERMINT - Essential Oil

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100% pure natural essential oil distilled at source. Carefully processed to ensure rich natural aroma & benefits are preserved in every drop. For Aroma Veda use: Inspiring, Mind Clearing & Cooling. The packaging is adorned with insignia inspired by the Royal Kandyan courts of ancient Ceylon.
1. Ingredients

Pure Essential Oil Of Mentha X Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf.

2. How to use

For Massage: Add 2 drops into 50ml Virgin Coconut Natural Oil & use.
For Aromaveda Benefits: Add 2 drops & 50ml water into Oil Burner & leave to heat diffuse aroma.

3. Weight
Weight: 20 g
4. Key USP

* 100% Vegan & Vegetarian
* Against Animal Cruelty
* Promotes Sustainable Harvesting
* Supports Community Fair Trade

5. Dosha Type

Vatha - Pacifying | Pitha - Elevating | Kapha - Cleansing

PEPPERMINT - Essential Oil
PEPPERMINT - Essential Oil