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Virgin Coconut - Face & Body Soothing Serum

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A 100% natural serum of pure Virgin Coconut Oil naturally cold pressed and sourced from the finest fresh coconuts, hand-picked from the lush tropical gardens of Ceylon. Rich in nourishing vitamins & protective antioxidants to help reinforce, repair & fortify skin, promoting overall wellness. Hydrates, nourishes, softens & smoothens face & body, evening-out skin tone & improving visible youthfulness.
1. Ingredients

Coconut, Bees Wax

2. How to use

Apply lightly, all over face, body, scalp & hair. Massage with long strokes & leave-on for up to 1 hour. For optimum results lightly heat serum before use.

3. Weight
Weight: 150 g
4. Key USP

* Organic certified virgin coconut oil * Silicon free * Preservative free * No added fragrance * Against Animal Cruelty

5. Dosha Type

Tridosha - Suitable for all dosha & skin types

Virgin Coconut - Face & Body Soothing Serum