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White Jasmine - Wonderherbs - Radiance Booster - Sheet Facial Masque

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An effective normal formula to gently lighten, brighten and illuminate skin. Jasmine, Virgin Coconut & Natural Vitamins help improve skin tone, while Licorice, Green Tea, Watercress & Bearberry help inhibit formation of dark cells. Anti-oxidant Grapeseed & nourishing Beet help nourish and preserve skin defences. Hydrating Aloe Vera combines with astringent Witch Hazel to purify & refresh skin, promoting natural balance. The overall effect helps instantly boost visible skin radiance.
1. Ingredients

Aloe Vera, Beet, Virgin Coconut, Witch Hazel, Grape, Bearberry, Watercress, Green Tea, Licorice, Mango, Jasmine.

2. How to use

Cleanse and dry face. Unfold masque & carefully place over face. Leave on for 15 minutes and relax with eyes closed. Remove masque & gently pat face to absorb any remaining herbal essences into skin. Rinse off with water only. For better results, use twice weekly.

* Single-use Masque
* To be used immediately on opening

3. Weight
Weight: 25 g
4. Key USP

* Clean & Green * Alcohol Free * Against Animal Cruelty * 100% Vegetarian & Vegan * Supports Community Fair Trade * Promotes Sustainable Harvesting

5. Dosha Type

Vatha- Best for Normal to Dry skin types & skin that seeks added nourishment, brightness & healthier glow.

White Jasmine - Wonderherbs - Radiance Booster - Sheet Facial Masque