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White Rice - Intensive Under Eye Treatment Concentrate

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A deep acting formula enriched with Rice Bran, Whey Protein & natural pro-biotic actives to help renew cells & defend against visible signs of skin ageing around & under the eyes. Sweet Almond, Mango, Kokum & Wheatgerm help deeply nourish, hydrate & firm skin, promoting smoother more youthful skin feel. Pure Aloe Vera & Beet help soothe skin & minimise the appearance of skin fatigue. Arnica helps comfort & repair skin, while natural Vitamin rich Rosehip & Carrot help minimise discolourations & dullness. Powerful Daisy Flower & Hawkweed help calm & reduce puffiness around eyes, promoting a more refreshed, youthful appearance.
1. Ingredients

Beet, Daisy, Hawkweed, Mango, Kokum, Sweet Almond, Aloe Vera, Rosehip, Carrot, Arnica, Calendula, Wheatgerm, Rice Bran.

2. How to use

Morning & Night: Gently press into skin around eyes & leave on.

3. Weight
Weight: 20 g
4. Key USP

* Clean & Green * Alcohol Free * Against Animal Cruelty * 100% Vegan & Vegetarian * Authentic Ayurveda Ingredients * Ethically Sourced & Manufactured * Supports Community Fair Trade * Promotes Sustainable Harvesting

5. Dosha Type

Tridosha - Suitable for all dosha. Best for skin with fine lines, tiredness, puffiness, dull tone & discolourations around eyes

White Rice - Intensive Under Eye Treatment Concentrate