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White Rice Overnight Hydrating Treatment

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A powerful skin hydrating & rejuvenating formula blended with pure Rice Bran Oil – rich in naturally anti-oxidant & youth-giving Gamma Oryzanol. Wheatgerm, Virgin Coconut & Avocado combine with Rice Bran to help soothe & comfort skin fatigue, reduce inflammation & minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Sweet Almond, Olive & organic fresh Aloe Vera help deeply nourish, treat & firm skin, enhancing elasticity & overall skin health. Witch Hazel helps clarify& smoothen skin, promoting brighter, more youthful radiance.
1. Ingredients

Rice Bran, Coconut, Witch Hazel, Olive, Aloe Vera, Almond, Wheatgerm, Avocado.

2. How to use

Deep cleanse skin, apply think layer all over face & neck. Leave on for at least 2 hours, wet skin, and massage, wash off. For optimum results use daily at bed time & leave-on overnight.

3. Weight
Weight: 200 g
4. Key USP

* Paraben Free * Paraffin Free * Alcohol Free * Silicon Free * 100% Vegetarian * Against Animal Cruelty * Promotes Sustainable Harvesting

5. Dosha Type

Vatha & Pitha - Suitable For Normal to Dry Sensitive Skin

White Rice Overnight Hydrating Treatment